The Rampage IV Formula/Battlefield 3 motherboard is there to help you win in the heat of battle. Supporting the latest LGA 2011 socket for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 and Extreme Processors, as well as Intel's new X79 chipset, the Rampage IV Formula/Battlefield 3 motherboard is a surgical strike to opposing forces. Tactical video support for 4-way SLI and a SupremeFX III audio processor to power both video and audio senses, get immersed in a true gaming battlefield environment. For those that push themselves to the max, the Extreme Engine DIGI+ II is there to help like a combat medic, ensuring you have the strength to keep fighting. Move out! It's time to go on a Rampage.

The Rampage IV Extreme/Battelfield3 is available now, and it aims to fulfill PC enthusiasts' needs towards superior performance. The Rampage IV Extreme/Battlefield3 motherboard supports the latest LGA 2011 socket for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 and Extreme Edition Processors, and it ships with some truly revolutionary advanced features. New is the OC Key, a dongle device that allows you to monitor and adjust system settings in real-time, even while in-game without any extra software needed while the X-Socket feature allows you to keep using a LGA 1366 CPU cooler on a X79 Rampage IV Extreme/Battelfiled3 motherboard, saving you your hard earned cash. Tactical video support is available for 4-Way SLI and CrossFireX, which helps drive home the smoothest gaming experience. With great performance excellence, it's time to dominate the Battlefield

The ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP graphics card is top selected and pre-overclocked to perform at an incredible 900MHz- 80MHz faster than stock performance. The card combines exclusive features such as DirectCU II cooling and Super Alloy Power technology for operating temperatures 20% cooler and a card lifespan 2.5 times longer. With these advantages, the ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP is designed to be pushed to its maximum, allowing users to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

SNR 118dB for Breathtaking Audio Clarity
The ASUS Xonar D2X features a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 118dB – giving it an extra dynamic boost for a realistic gaming experience. Unlike other sound cards that provide the highest SNR to only the front stereo outputs, the Xonar D2X delivers 118dB of quality audio to all 7.1 channels.
Enhanced Dynamic Sound Range
The Xonar D2X is packed with sound technologies from Dolby to deliver punchier and richer audio, as Dolby Digital Live converts PC and game audio content in real-time. Whether you are using headphones or stereo speakers, Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker deliver exceptional surround effects.
Realistic 3D Gaming Audio Effects
Enjoy up to 128 different sound effects played simultaneously for a realistic 3D experience by the exclusive ASUS GX2.5 gaming audio engine. The technology is compatible with the latest EAX gaming audio effects, smoothing out your gaming experience with precise 3D positioning and perception of distance.