All customers using ASUS motherboards with the Intel® 6 series chipset can rest assured that SATA ports 0 and 1 (SATA 6Gb/s) are unaffected by the Cougar Point design error. ASUS has confirmed this with Intel®, assuring unaffected SATA 6Gb/s performance on all ASUS Intel® 6 Series motherboards. ASUS additionally provides comprehensive return and replacement services regarding this issue as part of our commitment to best-quality, totally reliable products and services.

You may check for detailed warranty and service hotline information. We've also developed a user-friendly utility that verifies which SATA ports you're using, even making suggestions in case any components are plugged into potentially-affected ports. This utility can help you make a more informed decision before going ahead with any returns or exchanges.
ASUS SATA Verifier
User-friendly SATA port usage software identification tool
This ASUS-developed downloadable utility works exclusively with ASUS motherboards based on Intel® 6 series chipsets, with an easy to use interface that automatically detects all SATA port usage on your system, indicating whether you're using any that may be affected by the Cougar Point design error. In addition to verifying cleared-for-use SATA ports, the ASUS SATA Verifier makes recommendations for worry-free long term computing with your motherboard's SATA capabilities.
Unaffected SATA 6Gb/s ports
safe to use
To keep computing worry free with complete confidence, please use the SATA ports highlighted as shown in the image in the right. These ports are verified unaffected by the design error.
Please check the following list to see which ASUS motherboards feature unaffected SATA 6Gb/s ports.
List of ASUS Intel 6 Series Motherboards with unaffected SATA 6Gb/s ports:

Chipset Model Name Unaffected
SATA 6G Ports
P67 Maximum IV Extreme
P67 P8P67 EVO
P67 P8P67 PRO
P67 P8P67
P67 P8P67 LE
P67 P8P67-M PRO
P67 P8P67-M
P67 P8P67 WS Revolution
Chipset Model Name Unaffected
SATA 6G Ports
Q67 P8Q67-M DO
H67 P8H67-V
H67 P8H67
H67 P8H67-M EVO
H67 P8H67-M PRO
H67 P8H67-M
H67 P8H67-M LE
H67 P8H67-M LX

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