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Cooling innovation

Thermal Armor - total airflow-boosting heat dissipation

New generation Thermal Armor boosts cooling with dual turbo fans, enhancing the original TUF thermal design and helping direct hot air away from components and the motherboard via smart shunt funneling. It covers the entire board with more powerful airflow, and uses special heat pipes to expedite thermal removal and make sure temperatures stay low. The dedicated I/O cover fan draws additional cold air in and expels even more heat for improved stability, plus special convection holes in the PCB to facilitate underside airflow.

Thermal Armor- airflow circulation test

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*Only on TUF series SABERTOOTH Z77

Thermal Radar

Thermal Radar monitors temperatures in critical parts of the motherboard in real time, automatically adjusting fan speeds to make sure the system maintains high stability. It consists of multiple component sensors, giving users the ability to track each individually. Automatic calculation of ideal fan speeds based on different parameters selected manually for components has everything cooler and longer lasting.

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CeraM!X heatsink coating technology

Premium ceramics widely used in commercial and military aerospace applications like aircraft and the space shuttle ensure better cooling and stability even under heavy load. Ceramics work by increasing the actual surface area available for cooling, and conduct heat away from components more effectively. This helps the board work faster, better, and with greater reliability.

  • Superior heat conduction + dissipation
  • Keeps high temps out even in low-flow environments
  • Micro-porous ceramics
  • 50% bigger surface area expedites heat removal
  • Total protection against heat and oxidization
  • Ultimate reliability and lastability

Reliability Tests


TUF capacitors, alloy chokes, and MOSFETs are screened by rigorous tests to ensure superior lifespan even under the most demanding conditions.

TUF components - chokes

The ONLY chokes made of high-grade anti-oxidization materials for extra-unbeatable durability.

    Military standard Efficiency Saturation current *
TUF chokes YES 13.14% higher 40A~50A
Other motherboard chokes NO -  

* Higher is better.
* Saturation current is the maximum output current that a choke can tolerate. When the output current is over the saturation current, the tolerance of a choke will decrease, causing unstable power output.

TUF components – solid state capacitors
    Military standard Heat resistance JIS 5000hrs@105°C ESR *
TUF capacitors YES High V Low
Other motherboards: regular solid state capacitors   NO Normal YES High
Other motherboards: tantalum capacitors   NO Low** NO High

* Lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) means less power - solid capacitors are able to deliver substantially lower impedance at higher frequencies. Because of lower impedance, solid capacitors are more stable and generate less heat.
** The temperature a Tantalum capacitor can resist is 65°C, while the temperature a TUF capacitor can resist is 85°C over the same lifespan.

TUF components – MOSFETs
    Military standard Low RDS (on)
Other motherboard MOSFETs   NO X

MTBF test

The TUF team conducts physical Mean Time Between Failure tests at grueling real-world conditions using a large sample.

That’s how you get reliability - not with simulated testing!

*Only on TUF series SABERTOOTH Z77

Server-grade reliability Test

To best handle the diverse temperature and humidity ranges of different locations, TUF motherboards are tested to server-grade reliability to verify their endurance and ensure safe and smooth operation even in the most challenging conditions.

Ambient temperature measurement
Temperature (°C) /humidity (%)
with TUF
Temperature (°C) /humidity (%)
with others
60/90 50/85
-10/0 X
Burn in test
Temperature (°C) /humidity (%)
with TUF
Temperature (°C) /humidity (%)
with others
55/90 45/80
-10/0 X

*All tested under ambient temperatures outside the case of a system built using TUF Series motherboards

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