System requirements:
  • Power supply
  • USB storage formatted to FAT16 or FAT32
  • ASUS X79 motherboard featuring USB BIOS Flashback

Download and extract BIOS CAP files from the
official ASUS website at
*Check the below table to confirm your current BIOS version is either .ROM or .CAP. If your BIOS version is .ROM, to update it to the latest .CAP version, go to BIOS Utilities in the download section of the official ASUS product site and use the BIOS Converter for .CAP support first. Detailed installation guides provided.




*If your BIOS version is 1404 or older: Go to BIOS-Utilities to download and install the BIOS Converter utility before updating the BIOS.

Model lists P9X79 DELUXE
Rampage IV Extreme
Rampage IV
Rampage IV Formula
Rampage IV
Rampage IV GENE
P9X79 WS
.ROM BIOS support BIOS version 1203 or previous version BIOS version 1404 or previous version BIOS version 1305 or previous version
.CAP BIOS support BIOS version 2002 or later version BIOS version 2003 or later version BIOS version 3003 or later version

Rename the file as below table, and then save it to the USB storage device’s root directory.

  • Model name
  • P9X79 DELUXE
  • P9X79 PRO
  • P9X79
  • Rampage IV Extreme
  • Rampage IV Formula
  • Rampage IV GENE
  • P9X79WS
  • Rename the file
  • P9X79D.CAP
  • P9X79PRO.CAP
  • P9X79.CAP
  • R4E.CAP
  • R4F.CAP
  • R4G.CAP
  • P9X79WS.CAP

If you are still using .ROM BIOS versions, check the ASUS website for the .ROM to .CAP BIOS Converter, which comes with a detailed user guide.

Plug the USB storage device to the white-colored USB2.0 port, then press the USB BIOS Flashback button/ROG Connect button for three seconds till the LED begins to blink, then release.

Connect to a power supply

Wait till the LED stops blinking, indicating that BIOS flashing has been completed

Check this video guide


  1. Do not unplug the portable storage device, power the system down, or press the CLR_CMOS button while BIOS updating is ongoing, or the update will be interrupted. In case of interruption, follow the recommended procedures again to complete the BIOS update.
  2. If the light flashes for five seconds and turns stable, USB BIOS Flashback is not operating properly. This may be caused by improper installation of the portable storage device, an error in the file name, or incompatibility in file formats. If this is the case, restart the system until the light clears, and check the file name and format.
  3. BIOS updates may affect a PC in various ways. Should any issues with the BIOS arise as a result or your system is unable to boot, please contact your local ASUS support center for further assistance.

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