Cloud Disk
Your Always-On Data and Media Library

Connect a USB storage device to your compatible ASUS router to access data files and stream your media straight to your AiCloud app or from a unique Web link in a Web browser.

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How It Works?
  • Update your ASUS router to the newest ASUSWRT version to ensure AiCloud compatibility.
  • To set up Cloud Disk, plug USB storage to the router. The default login details for Cloud Disk are the same as the default router login.
  • Connect your iOS or Android devices to compactible routers using Wi-Fi. The AiCloud app will automatically guide you through the setup process.

Smart Access
Across your devices

Whether you're using Windows®, Mac OS, or even Linux PCs,ASUS AiCloud lets you access, stream, and share your home network or online storage data through a personalized Web link. For even greater convenience, download the ASUS AiCloud app to your Android or iOS smartphone and access all the same data on the go. Smart Access even lets you wake up sleeping PCs in your network so you can access everything remotely.

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How It Works?
  • Smart Access uses your Network Places (Samba) settings, including accounts, shared folders, and more. Once you enable it, you can access your Network Places (Samba) from any location at all times.
  • Private IP AiCloud support will be added in future (for example WAN IP:192.168.x.x; 10.0.x.x; 172.x.x.x). As of this writing, you can setup port forwarding or DMZ to access private IP addresses remotely.
  • You also can wake up your home or office PCs remotely by WOL.

Smart Sync
Always up to Date

Smart Sync keeps all media files, data, and other content you want to share from online storage services* like ASUS WebStorage, your home network, and even other AiCloud-enabled networks* up to date in real time to easily share and access the same file version whereveryou are.

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How It Works?
  • To use Smart Sync, you need to sign up for an ASUS WebStorage account. This step requires USB storage be connected to the router.
  • Launch the AiCloud app. Choose a specific folder in Cloud Disk that you want to sync with ASUS WebStorage, then follow the steps shown in the app.

Router-to-Router Sync
Drag and drop to sync and share

Router-to-Router Sync allows you to synchronize your stuff with storage devices connected to other compatible ASUS routers* — it’s as simple as choosing a sync folder. Sharing with friends and family is now easier than ever!
*Please check AiCloud Compatible Models for more information.

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How to set up Router-to-Router Sync?
  • First, select the AiCloud tab in ASUSWRT (the router-administration tool) and enable both Cloud Disk and Smart Access.
  • Next, select the Router-to-Router Sync Server to create an invitation. Here, you need to choose a local folder that you’d like to sync along with a ‘sync rule’, explained next.
  • There are three different sync rules: Two-way sync, Host to client and Client to host. With Two-way sync, you and your invitee can share files with each other. With Host to client, you can share files with your invitee but your invitee cannot share files with you; in Client to host, the opposite is the case. Choose your sync rule then click XXX to send the invitation.


Do more with your AiCloud

Remotely access home PCs

With AiCloud, easily access and share your files from any connected PC. Now, you'll always have your files on hand wherever you go.

Sync with WebStorage and other AiCloud accounts

AiCloud quickly syncs all your devices to your ASUS WebStorage account with instant file version updates, plus share files with other AiCloud accounts* easily.

Share files with a simple link

Instantly and easily share videos, music, and documents to others with a simple, shareable link with AiCloud.

Stream video and audio from your home

AiCloud lets you easily stream videos, music, and movies from an AiCloud media library straight to your smartphone or notebook, saving you storage space and time with convenience.

Access files even with your computers in sleep mode

See every device with its connection status, and even wake up and access computers connected to ASUS routers via wired LAN remotely.

Unlimited expansion

Connect as many devices and online storage services* as you want, together with AiCloud for ample storage space for all your content.

Your secure space

Instantly and easily share videos, music, and documents to others with a simple, shareable link with AiCloud.

Download now

ASUS AiCloud App is now available on App Store and Google Play! You can download it now, and enjoy Cloud Disk, Smart Sync and Smart Access.


Compatible Models

RT-N65U RT-N56U RT-N16 RT-N14U
*Additional public cloud service support and certain features to be added at a later time.
*The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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