ESC4000 G2 Series servers are certified by NVIDIA® to support up to four GRID™ K2 cards for high performance remote virtual graphics power. With new NVIDIA® GRID™ cards, ASUS ESC4000 G2 Series servers are the best option for increasingly popular VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology, which provides multiple VMs (virtual machines). VDI is also available on the ASUS RS920-E7/RS8 Series server, and empowers digital content creators, designers, graphics professionals, and cloud gaming providers, helping them achieve workstation-level graphics on a larger scale without more hardware. The technology even enables working remotely via the internet by use of mobile devices such as notebooks and tablets.

ASUS servers with VDI help customers reduce setup costs and maintenance efforts while saving space and lowering energy consumption due to the use of virtual rather than physical graphics power. Critical data is protected and stored in remote servers, minimizing the likelihood of intrusion and loss of confidential content.
ESC4000 G2 Series
Quad GPUs/Coprocessors for extreme hybrid computing power
Dual CPUs at up to 135W each and four GPUs/Coprocessors supported
Eight PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots offer unprecedented expandability
InfiniBand™ at up to 56Gb/s boosts cross-node data transfer speeds
Dual 1620W 80 PLUS Platinum PSUs provide extra reliability, redundancy and stronger safeguards
RS920-E7/RS8 Series
Best scalability with extreme computing power

Quad CPUs and 7 expansions up to 2 GPUs support
Extreme Fast 56Gb/s Infiniband for HPC 
Optimized design for power efficiency and data center management

  ESC4000 G2 Series RS920-E7/RS8 Series
CPU Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2600 product family (135W)
Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2600 product family (135W)
Chipset Intel® C602-A PCH Chipset
Memory 16 DIMMs up to 512GB (LRDIMM/RDIMM) 32 DIMMs up tp 1024GB (LRDIMM/RDIMM)
Total Slots 9 6+1
Expansion Slots 8 x PCI-E Gen3 x16
1 x PCI-E Gen3 x16
(PIKE SAS Card for Storage Enhancement)
4 x PCI-E x16
2 x PCI-E x8
1 x PIKE Slot (PCI-E Gen3 x8 Link)
(PIKE SAS Card for Storage Enhancement)
Hot Swap
HDD Bays
8 x 3.5"/2.5" HDD Bays
Networking 2 x Intel® 82574L+ 1 x Mgmt LAN 1 x Quad Port Intel Ethernet Controller i350  + 1 Mgmt Port
Infiniband ConnectX-3 FDR IB (ESC4000/FDR G2 & RS920-E7/RS8)
PSU 1+1 1620W, 80PLUS Platinum RPSU
Form Factor 750 x 444 x 87 mm (2U)