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Definition: PRIDE – noun – Satisfaction taken in something done by yourself

ASUS knows why you take pride in customizing your PC to create a machine that exceeds expectations. ASUS PRIDE is about understanding that you want a PC that you can be proud of, that delivers performance, reliability, efficiency and power. PRIDE in your abilities, PRIDE in your PC, PRIDE in your creation.


Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing. Here are all the stories we gathered from across the globe, our customer's stories of PRIDE.

The PRIDE sharing and voting campaigns are now concluded. Thank you for your participation. Please continue to enjoy your fellow PRIDE enthusiasts’ stories.

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  PRIDE Story – Your PRIDE, is our pride.
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10   Innovation/Creativity
Author:jrzodo Region:hu
When building my first Mini Itx computer, I found everything I dreamed about in the ASUS M4A88T-I Deluxe motherboard. Low-noise, silent; if needed, energy-saving, but because of its performance and the many extra services, I do not feel left behind …
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72   Reliability and performance
Author:bokc Region:RU
After selling my old PC I started to dream on 4-Cores PC, and I decided not to buy already assembled PC. 3 months I’ve been studying various Internet forums and other resources. I have read tons of information, and decided to buy 4-Cores AMD Phenom …
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3   My set-up
Author:nakamitshi Region:FR
I've started by opening a desktop in 2002 just to see what there were inside. Now I'm working as an independant in IT and with my experience, after hours of setting-up, bugs, BSOD... etc I've decided to only work with ASUS. For the service and the se…
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40   Time-proof reliability
Author:aalexej Region:RU
From 2006 my interest in PC grew to something more, no, I am not a PC guru, but I do have my opinion, preferences and attitude. I will stop words and start my story on ASUS. Reliability is always a key factor in decision making, no matter what kind …
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35   ASUS saved my life in my Cyber
Author:eremar77 Region:ES
In 2005 I decided to move onto an athlon 64bit, and after a lot of analizing and tests I considered as my best option for my new PC the ASUS A8n-sli Premium motherboard, an important expense at the moment, but thinking in the future. My first impress…
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64   Hah... Only ASUS could survived
Author:tepalol Region:RU
Six years ago, while being a man without deep PC knowledge, I upgraded my old PC with new MB and CPU, and LCD as well. OF course I was concerned about system performance, reliability. Manager in my company advised me to by ASUS, and I followed. That …
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