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Definition: PRIDE – noun – Satisfaction taken in something done by yourself

ASUS knows why you take pride in customizing your PC to create a machine that exceeds expectations. ASUS PRIDE is about understanding that you want a PC that you can be proud of, that delivers performance, reliability, efficiency and power. PRIDE in your abilities, PRIDE in your PC, PRIDE in your creation.


Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing. Here are all the stories we gathered from across the globe, our customer's stories of PRIDE.

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  PRIDE Story – Your PRIDE, is our pride.
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75   Everything from P4P800 !
Author:rah1943 Region:tw
Time to the end of the year, I found a small, black and complete chassis under heavy textbooks in the corner when cleaning the room. Inside the computer were fulfilled footprint of the classmates and roomates memories, association avtivities and life…
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38   Genius engineering
Author:danila-pro Region:RU
In 2007 I have purchased ASUS M2N32SLI-Deluxe and I can tell you, it is the unique MB. When I bought it this MB had innovative features like 2 LAN-adapters, WI-Fi, great CO, but I want to talk on other thing. This MB featured genius engineering, thou…
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19   Fuse Protector
Author:anton_430200 Region:ID
halllo ASUS, My name is Nanang Hartoyo, my colleagues call me Anton, I have my first Asus motherboard when I am in second grade in high school, almost 5 years ago from now. Since pentium 4 till core i7 era my motherboard still asus. The one thing t…
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48   Unleashing the power of ASUS R.O.G
Author:angrysnail Region:MY
I use ASUS motherboards because they are of a premium and high quality bulid. The best of ASUS is R.O.G as their tuner for serious gamer like me. ASUS done it again with the only motherboard that comes with an external sound card(creative X-Fi). The…
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66   ASUS 790GX + 4850
Author:kaballasx Region:za
With my ASUS 790GX and 4850, I took the AMD 550(dual core), enabled unleashing mode, boosted voltage 1.36. Then bios recognizes cpu as B50 cpu with 4 cores. Overclocked to 3.5Ghz with temperature at 45 degrees, full load. Its more like a bang for mon…
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69   Asus Gamers System Rampage III Extreme
Author:blackdeath1983 Region:bnl
Hi Folks. Since I fell ill last year I had suddenly a large amount of time to build a new PC. I have always wanted to own a machine that could reach 20.000 points in High Vantage, didn’t make too much noise and didn’t bankrupt me completely. Of cours…
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