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Definition: PRIDE – noun – Satisfaction taken in something done by yourself

ASUS knows why you take pride in customizing your PC to create a machine that exceeds expectations. ASUS PRIDE is about understanding that you want a PC that you can be proud of, that delivers performance, reliability, efficiency and power. PRIDE in your abilities, PRIDE in your PC, PRIDE in your creation.


Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing. Here are all the stories we gathered from across the globe, our customer's stories of PRIDE.

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  PRIDE Story – Your PRIDE, is our pride.
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66   ASUS 790GX + 4850
Author:kaballasx Region:za
With my ASUS 790GX and 4850, I took the AMD 550(dual core), enabled unleashing mode, boosted voltage 1.36. Then bios recognizes cpu as B50 cpu with 4 cores. Overclocked to 3.5Ghz with temperature at 45 degrees, full load. Its more like a bang for mon…
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60   Asus: Reliability - Anytime, Anywhere
Author:jonjon.ang Region:SG
I built my first PC 5 years ago, and my brother recommended me Asus. I chose the Asus a8n-SLI 32 deluxe, which was revolutionary at that time. It was the first motherboard to support a dual lane x16 SLI, which was not even mainstream at that time!…
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40   Time-proof reliability
Author:aalexej Region:RU
From 2006 my interest in PC grew to something more, no, I am not a PC guru, but I do have my opinion, preferences and attitude. I will stop words and start my story on ASUS. Reliability is always a key factor in decision making, no matter what kind …
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21   My first de mi propia PC, a su vez OVERCLOCK
Author:julian_rezk Region:ES
I chose ASUS because is a brand that manufactures high quality motherboads with a wide price range. I just didn't choose because of price, but because they also have high quality capacitors, it is designed to overclock a lot and get better perform…
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75   Everything from P4P800 !
Author:rah1943 Region:tw
Time to the end of the year, I found a small, black and complete chassis under heavy textbooks in the corner when cleaning the room. Inside the computer were fulfilled footprint of the classmates and roomates memories, association avtivities and life…
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10   Innovation/Creativity
Author:jrzodo Region:hu
When building my first Mini Itx computer, I found everything I dreamed about in the ASUS M4A88T-I Deluxe motherboard. Low-noise, silent; if needed, energy-saving, but because of its performance and the many extra services, I do not feel left behind …
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