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Definition: PRIDE – noun – Satisfaction taken in something done by yourself

ASUS knows why you take pride in customizing your PC to create a machine that exceeds expectations. ASUS PRIDE is about understanding that you want a PC that you can be proud of, that delivers performance, reliability, efficiency and power. PRIDE in your abilities, PRIDE in your PC, PRIDE in your creation.


Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing. Here are all the stories we gathered from across the globe, our customer's stories of PRIDE.

The PRIDE sharing and voting campaigns are now concluded. Thank you for your participation. Please continue to enjoy your fellow PRIDE enthusiasts’ stories.

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  PRIDE Story – Your PRIDE, is our pride.
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19   Fuse Protector
Author:anton_430200 Region:ID
halllo ASUS, My name is Nanang Hartoyo, my colleagues call me Anton, I have my first Asus motherboard when I am in second grade in high school, almost 5 years ago from now. Since pentium 4 till core i7 era my motherboard still asus. The one thing t…
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30   My unquestionably powerful Asus System
Author:phillippirikahu Region:AU
My main goals when looking for any new potential purchase has to do with this simple law: Price/Performance ratio! If it's price is right and the features it provides are good (and my buying season is on), you can bet that it's going to be dedu…
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33   Dear Sir/Madam!
Author:bartospeti Region:hu
ASUS Pride I am really happy that ASUS made first this step! I have been doing modding for a couple of years, I am mostly interested in Case Construction. My original qualification is a tire repairman, that’s where the idea came that I would build a…
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66   ASUS 790GX + 4850
Author:kaballasx Region:za
With my ASUS 790GX and 4850, I took the AMD 550(dual core), enabled unleashing mode, boosted voltage 1.36. Then bios recognizes cpu as B50 cpu with 4 cores. Overclocked to 3.5Ghz with temperature at 45 degrees, full load. Its more like a bang for mon…
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22   My 10 years experience with ASUS. Tested and Proven Performance
Author:peteramadeus Region:PH
"For the past decade, Ive used ASUS motherboards. From the ASUS P2-99B to the brilliant ASUS ROG Maximus Formula X38. ASUS proves their commitment on high performance motherboards. ASUS motherboards don't let me down of performance. Tweaking nev…
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61   Innovation leads to Perfection
Author:danny.geys Region:BNL
As an early adopter and tech freak I seek to go where no one has gone before. From the very first AGP cards to the newest SLI solutions, from the AMD socket-A, the FX55, the QX9650 to the W3570. Always watercooled and tweaked to the limit. I have use…
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