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Definition: PRIDE – noun – Satisfaction taken in something done by yourself

ASUS knows why you take pride in customizing your PC to create a machine that exceeds expectations. ASUS PRIDE is about understanding that you want a PC that you can be proud of, that delivers performance, reliability, efficiency and power. PRIDE in your abilities, PRIDE in your PC, PRIDE in your creation.


Every ASUS motherboard has a story worth sharing. Here are all the stories we gathered from across the globe, our customer's stories of PRIDE.

The PRIDE sharing and voting campaigns are now concluded. Thank you for your participation. Please continue to enjoy your fellow PRIDE enthusiasts’ stories.

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  PRIDE Story – Your PRIDE, is our pride.
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33   Dear Sir/Madam!
Author:bartospeti Region:hu
ASUS Pride I am really happy that ASUS made first this step! I have been doing modding for a couple of years, I am mostly interested in Case Construction. My original qualification is a tire repairman, that’s where the idea came that I would build a…
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24   ASUS = Reliability
Author:mukkel Region:bnl
I am a passionate gamer and enjoy upgrading my gaming rig almost every year. For this reason I have had many PC configurations. But 1 thing never changes. The motherboard is always from ASUS. Sure, I have tried other brands, but they always fail to l…
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57   ASUS P7P55D LE - Low price, EXTREME capabilities
Author:adrianszewczyk88 Region:PL
I chose Performance category, because overclocking is my passion. Every MHz and every split second counts. I always can do something better to get more speed and more performance. When new family of LGA1156 CPUs hit the market then at once I felt …
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62   My Asus innovation a crash proof pc
Author:being.power Region:IN
Hi First of all, Happy new year to all Asus team and members reading this, Well I am very thankful to Asus for providing this event to share our experience and innovation with entire world, from childhood my nature is to reveal any system mechanis…
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27   Asus Rocks!
Author:whatonly Region:SG
i like Asus motherboard, super performance and overclocking, Its ability support 32nm 6-Core CPUs is totally awesome. True USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s will transfer data at speed of light! With EPU it will save u alot of money in a long run.
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63   THIS IS SPARTAA!! Intel Pentium G6950 @ 6394 MHz, 128% OC, 300+ bclk!!
Author:over886 Region:hu
Ladies and Gentlemen, I took the smallest Socket 1156 processor of Intel (Pentium G6950) into my ‘care’ around October, and the preliminary tests already showed great performance. So I started to look around, what kind of a high-end motherboard would…
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