ASUS, the worldwide leader in innovative motherboard solutions, is once again leading the way in technological development with the launch of a wide range of extremely reliable motherboards. Aimed at small and medium businesses, these solutions will support the unique demands of SMBs and help solve the challenges they face. ASUS’ SMB solutions deliver better security, improved manageability and higher productivity to business users and IT managers. Solutions in this series are equipped with an easy-to-use utility to help control unexpected IT-related costs, save time, and maximize return on investment.
.Protect critical data
.Improve network security
.Simplify data backup
.Less downtime and disruptions
.Faster problem resolution
.Central dashboard monitoring
.Lower annual total cost of PC ownership
.Simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface
.More efficient energy usage
  P5Q-VM DO   P5Q-EM DO  
  P5QL-VM DO      
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