Why 64-bit Windows® 7?

The difference between 64-bit Windows® 7 and 32-bit Windows Vista® is that the 64-bit version delivers greater expandability, with more system memory to allow for an overall faster performance. It also allows for backward compatibility with Windows XP®, and even greater security for your data. With 64-bit Windows® 7, your notebook is future-proofed for the latest software applications that developers have to offer.

ASUS FastBoot

Due to the processes required for 64-bit Windows® 7, the boot-up speeds may be slower when compared to 32-bit Windows Vista®. With the ASUS FastBoot Technology, ASUS enables you to boot-up your 64-bit Windows® 7 notebook faster than a notebook with 32-bit Windows Vista®, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of future system expansion and performance.

Throughout the testing phase, ASUS FastBoot has proven consistently that it accelerates 64-bit Windows® 7 boot-up speeds by up to 40% compared to 32-bit Windows Vista® on the same notebooks.

Boot-up Speed Test

The following are the specifications of the ASUS notebooks tested for their boot-up speeds with 32-bit Windows® Vista, as well as 64-bit Windows® 7.

*Boot-up speeds may vary due to differences in configuration, regional specifications, as well as prevailing usage.
** Performance figures gathered are based on factory configured notebooks only.
*** Windows® Velocity was used to determine the boot-up speeds throughout the test.