Many wonder how ASUS came up with the bold idea to combine leading-edge technologies to create this smartphone/tablet hybrid. In addition to wild imagination and state-of-the-art technology, “the courage to innovate” was key to PadFone’s success.

From the start, the task of answering all these questions and creating such a device was extremely daunting, but the User Experience (UE) team managed to find a solution in the form of DynamicDisplay – a technology which makes smartphones smarter and intelligent tablets even more so by enabling seamless switching between tablet and phone user interfaces. Better yet, the apps that were running come to life again on either devices, exactly as you left it without the need to start over again.

Next, activate the PadFone’s 8-megapixel camera which is located at the center of the concentric circle design, to capture the sharpest images which surpass that of other smartphones on market.

“Imagine a single 36mm speaker booming forth sound that is five times the air resonance, all within the PadFone Station’s slim body. The sound then travels through a sophisticated maze of acoustics,” described Henry Huang, nicknamed “Golden Ear”, the Lead Engineer on ASUS SonicMaster in the PadFone Sensibility Engineering Team. “We also utilized top-notch Transmission Line technology used by TANNOY Westminster loudspeakers.” More volume, low frequencies, and zero noise – all achieved at the same time.

As you indulge in the amazing feast of surround sound, the PadFone’s unique ringtone begins to sound along with an incoming call message which is discreetly displayed on the PadFone Station. In case someone is using your PadFone Station, the incoming call alert is purposely made small and inconspicuously placed at the corner to maintain your privacy.

To achieve comfort and convenience of use, many molds had to be abandoned; to centrally align every hole, allocation plans were revised again and again; to improve signal reception, many solutions were hammered out; to perfect the insertion and removal of PadFone from Station, the engineers had to truly wrack their brains.


In the constant pursuit of an incredible user experience, the Bluetooth Stylus Headset is conceived to allow user to enjoy the full benefits of ASUS SuperNote app and ease of picking up calls while working on the PadFone Station simultaneously.