How to choose the right CPU?

The new P7H57D/P7H55 Series motherboards delivers integrated graphics with selected Intel® Processors. Choose the right processor and motherboard combination to activate this feature.


With Clarkdale CPU
(Includes integrated GPU)

With Lynnfield CPU

P7H57D/P7H55 Series*

‧Integrated GPU enabled
‧HDMI/DVI/D-sub ports enabled**

Discrete VGA card required

P7P55D/P7P55D-E Series

Discrete VGA card required

Discrete VGA card required

*Dual x8 mode is only supported by motherboard with two PCIe x 16 slots and Intel non-integrated graphics(Lynnfield) processors.
** Only available for the motherboards with this function.

Gift box recognition of Clarkdale CPU

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