Updating program supports following operation system:
Windows 2000、Windows XP、Windows Vista edition

  1. In order to maintain the Device stability and avoid updating failures, don't operate many programs simultaneously.
  2. The previous data couldn't be preserved after updating newly edition firmware. Please use the backup program to backup your personal data.
  3. Don't update other languages' or regions' firmware edition to your PDA phone.
  4. Don't remove USB cable before updating finished.
  5. You should backup all the encrypted data on SD card before updating, because the file on encrypted SD card can't be opened after updating.

  1. Please restart your P750 and turn off all wireless connection from start/setting/connection/wireless manager.
  2. Plug in adapter.
  3. Unzip the upgrade file and copy all the files and folders (2577, AsusP750.cap, GPSFirmwareUpdate, PegasusP.cap, RadioFirmwareUpdate) into the root directory of a Micro-SD card).
  4. Insert the Micro SD card to the device and wait for the Autorun.exe to run(It might takes few seconds).
  5. If the Autorun.exe does not run automatically, please launch it from \Storage Card\2577\.
  6. Follow the instructions until the updating is finished. The whole upgrade process should take about ten minutes.
  7. Please Confirm version in "Start"=>"Setting"=>"System"=>"System Information"=>"Version".

Firmware Upgrade Utility

Model Language / Country Availability on website
P750 Taiwan/ Chunghwa Telecom August/Beginning
P750 Hong Kong August/Middle
P750 Hong Kong August/Middle
P750 Malaysia August/Beginning
P750 Singapore August/Beginning
P750 Thailand August/Beginning
P750 Hong Kong  August/Beginning
P750 UK  August/Beginning
P750 Romania,Bulgaria  August/Beginning
P750 India  August/Beginning
P750 Croatia,Slovenia   August/Beginning
P750 ITA/Italy August/End
P750 RUS/Russia August/Middle
P750 RUS/Ukrine August/Middle
P750 GER/Germany, Austria, Swiss August/Middle
P750 FRA/France August/Middle
P750 FRA/Swiss August/Middle
P750 FRA/Belgium August/Middle
P750 POL/Poland September/Beginning
P750 PTG/Portugal September/Beginning
P750 CZE/Czech, Slovikia August/End
P750 EPN/Spain September/Beginning
P750 SWE/Sweden September/Beginning
P750 DEN/Denmark September/Beginning
P750 DUT/Netherlands Sep/Beginning