Firstly, you need to register an account with password online at the XLink Kai Website (
Follow the instructions to download and install the XLink Kai Evolution 7 software on your computer.
Select XLink Kai > Configure Kai to configure the XLink Kai.
Select Web UI and open UDP port 30000, and then type in your registered XLink account and password.
Click ASUS WLAN Card Control Center, then enable PSP XLink Mode at the Advanced tab.
Meanwhile, turn on your PSP to set up the configuration
Select Network settings and Ad Hoc mode so that the ASUS WLAN Control Center can detect your PSP.
Select the system-link game you want to play and go to the meeting room of the game.
Click ASUS WLAN Control Center > Survey to search for all available connections. After finding an SSID, named PSP_****, click on the Connect button.
After clicking Start Kai, select Game Arenas and PSP game room, and then choose the game you are playing.
You can now play PSP link games over the Internet!!
*Team XLink is a collaborate project of gaming enthusiasts that offers software and services free of charge for console gameplay over the Internet.  Visit to learn more and to join the XLink community.

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