Green ASUS

There is a growing concern about how we are living and the environment in which we will be living. ASUS fully understand this concern and have determined to create innovations and engineering processes that will enable the development of more environmentally friendly products for people of all generations across the world.

ASUS has created a strategy dubbed the "4 Green Home Runs" to deliver greener products for the consumer. The “Green Home Runs” are Green Design, Green Manufacturing, Green Procurement and Green Service and Marketing.

The Green ASUS concept is integrated with the ASUS supply chain, product design and the manufacturing processes.

E-Green platform:
ASUS Research & Development can only select parts from the e-Green platform database that specifies a list of Green ASUS-authorized vendors. Prior to approval all vendors have to pass a strict authorization process that includes providing toxicity information, third party test reports and warranty letters to clearly prove that the parts do not contact hazardous chemicals.

ASUS is proactively striving to be greener:
To ensure the strict adherence to hazardous substance guidelines, ASUS restricts the use of 37 hazardous substances, not just the 6 required by the RoHS directive.

The manufacturing process is monitored in detail with several check points:

  1. Products are designed using parts authorized by the e-Green platform
  2. Prior to a products mass production, Quality Control and the Reliability Lab examine the physical products to identify if they contain any hazardous chemicals.
  3. During manufacturing, SRF checks with the IQC to identify if the mass produced products contain hazardous chemicals.

ASUS products are designed to be easy to reuse, recycle and disassemble:
ASUS notebooks’ modularized design enables users to replace the parts easily to extend the product lifecycle and thus reduce waste.

Recognized by international agencies and government bodies:
  1. 9 out of 36 EPEAT Gold awards were conferred on ASUS N series notebooks worldwide; 25% of the total awards were won by ASUS.
  2. ASUS N series notebooks are the 1st EU Flower-certified notebooks in the world.
  3. More than 50 ASUS notebooks are certified by Energy Star.
  4. ASUS was recognized as a highly environmentally friendly company in the Computers and Peripherals Industry by oekom in 2007.
  5. ASUS' HQ, R&D centres and manufacturing sites are certified by the IECQ strict Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) Standard.

It's easy being green with bamboo and ASUS
Being green is an increasingly important concept in our increasingly eco-conscious world. With Green ASUS and products like the Bamboo notebook, being green is now simply a matter of making environmentally informed purchasing decisions.

When you buy an ASUS Bamboo notebook over less green alternatives, you and ASUS together are helping to preserve our Earth.