Super Hybrid Engine

The Super Hybrid Engine is a breakthrough in power efficiency that results in longer battery life, maximized up to 53%*.

The ASUS Bamboo notebook, as with all new generation ASUS notebooks, is remarkably energy-efficient due to the implementation of ASUS' exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology.

Super Hybrid Engine is an innovative technology created through the redesigning of hardware, software and BIOS by ASUS research development engineers. It gives users the control needed to obtain optimum performance. In terms of power efficiency, the Super Hybrid Engine extends battery life between 35-53% as compared to notebooks with the same specifications without this new technology. In addition, the Super Hybrid Engine automatically manages and regulates power distribution based on usage requirements. With the accrued power savings, the Super Hybrid Engine reduces yearly CO2 emission by 12.3kg per notebook.

* The system performance and power saving performance percentage depends on the system configuration.