• Where can I buy ASUS Xtion PRO Developer Solution?

    Xtion PRO is now available on these sites:

    Country/Area E-tailers Contact Us
    Africa and Middle East
    South Africa Coming soon David_Chen@asus.com
    Turkey Coming soon Erhan_Arslan@actr.com.tr
    US ASUS eStore Paul_chen@asus.com
    Australia Coming soon Anson_Zhang@asus.com
    China Coming soon Yoyo_Zhai@asus.com
    India Coming soon Veena_Kabre@asus.com
    Japan Unity Direct
    Singapore Coming soon Kelvin_Chia@asus.com
    Taiwan Yahoo 購物中心 Eric3_lin@asus.com
    Czech Republic CZC
    France LDLC xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Germany ALTERNATE
    Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg MyCom xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Hungry extreme digital xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Italy ePRICE
    Poland pro line xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Russia OCS achernickii@ocs.ru
    Spain APP informática xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Switzerland digitec xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    UK SCAN xtionpro_eu@asus.com
    Others Coming soon xtionpro_eu@asus.com

  • If I am selected past the 1st round, does that mean my game or app will belong to ASUS?

    No, if your game or app is selected in the 1st round, ASUS has the right to put your app on the ASUS online shop, where you can still earn money from each download. (ASUS will discuss with you the detail of percentage sharing and business plan.)

  • Who will be the judges for this competition?

    The group of judges will consist of ASUS employees, including an Assistant Vice President, Product Managers and Technical Managers.

  • What should I submit when participating in this Challenge?

    Please submit one game or app along with a video introducing the game or app you worked on. You can create a scenario for playing the game/app in the video. As an added incentive, there is also an award for best video.

  • Does the game or app need to be a brand new?

    No. If you have created a game or app running on another platform, such as the Android or iOS platform, you can turn the game into a gesture-based game running on our platform as long as you own the copyright of the game or app and they're not exclusively licensed to a third party.

  • When the Challenge is closed, where can I get more information about the following stages?

    ASUS will announce updates on the event site without individual notice. Please check back regularly so you don't miss any important updates.

  • Do I need to create a very complicated game/app with several levels for this Challenge?

    It doesn't have to be a very complicated game/app, but if you can, it may increase your chances of winning. However, the game or app still needs to be fun to play by using gestures or the whole body, and this is also one of our judging criteria.

  • When can I ask for help?

    If you have questions regarding this Challenge, please go to our forum: If you have questions regarding our technical development, please go to OpenNI forum.

  • What countries are allowed to participate?

    We welcome all who are interested to participate. There is no region or country limit.

  • Does my game/app need to incorporate something with ASUS?

    No, but the only requirement is that you need to make sure your game/app works on Xtion PRO platform and the minimum system requirement. We will test your submission on the platform.

  • How long does the video explaining my game/app need to be?

    Please make it less than 2 minutes.

  • How long do the voting rounds last?

    We'll announce this later on the WAVI Xtionfamily site in June. Please pay attention to our latest news and announcement.